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Devious “Wolfhagen” on iTunes, Spotify


Did you give a listen to our newest album “Wolfhagen” yet? We’ve just added all tracks to iTunes and Spotify. Check it out through the links below! We also through in a couple more links you can use to stream or download these grooving death/thrash metal songs. We want to know what you think so drop your bomb in the comments!




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The line-up for our farewell show is now complete! ALL former band members will join us on stage, along with other great friends who helped us out live or in the studio. Also, this night you can witness two ONE-TIME REUNION SHOWS by our friends DEIFECATION and EXTREEM ECZEEM! So get your tickets now and [...]

Devious – The Farewell Show

Friends & fellow metal heads, The time has come for us to set a date for one final Devious show. After 4 albums, 3 videos, hundreds of awesome shows and some tours with great bands we’ve decided to quit. We’ve grown apart too much musically to continue producing the metal that deserves to carry the [...]

15-11-2013 The Metal Experience @ Cafe de Stam, Almelo

Time for another Metal Experience with Devious, Chiraw, Undawn, Tribal Spirits and special guest The Scarlet Claw! This Jack Daniel’s & LARGE Popmerchandising powered steamroller will crush Café de Stam, Almelo on Friday, November 15, 2013. This demolition site is accessible for free so there is no excuse for staying at home. So come on [...]

No show tonight for Devious as Guido struggles with lyme disease

Tonight’s Metal Experience at P3 Purmerend will not be featuring Devious. Guido is struggling with Lyme disease, which today makes it unable for him to play guitar. The show would not be complete without his leads & breaks so unfortunately we have to sit this one out. Chiraw, Undawn & Tribal Spirits will be playing [...]

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